Aunt Sandy's Kitchen Simply Delicious Homemade Food


Welcome, let's get to cooking some homemade food!

Aunt Sandy loves to cook and watch her family and friends gathering around the table enjoying her homemade food. She wants to share her cooking experiences, recipes, tips, and tricks with everyone. She believes all can make simply delicious tasty homemade food. Home cooking is cheaper and healthier than eating out, and you get to fix it exactly the way you like it.

Aunt Sandy came from a large family, and has been cooking since she was preteen after her mother passed. She was mentored in cooking by her sister-in-laws, sister, and many ladies at church. Aunt Sandy has a passion to teach and share cooking (beginner included) that started with all her nieces and nephews, which is one of the reasons for these cooking videos.

After catching Covid-19 in 2020 and two near death experiences from it, she praises God for His Mercy and Grace to overcome and share what she loves to do through these cooking videos.

So gather your family and friends, and let's get to cooking some homemade food.

It's simply delicious y'all!

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